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Weekend in Review

Geez, last week was chaotic in the office.  You know the kind of weeks where you need a beer (or three) after work, and it somehow turns into a Hot Toddy and shots of Patron, and then all you feel is drunk and drained but not any better about anything.  


Nick, Ted, and I went to the Command Center on Friday night to see the Phenomenauts, Rock & Roll Adventure Kids (which we ended up missing for the fourth time this year), and the Briefs.  It was a really good show and the place wasn't super packed.  I didn't even know the Briefs were going to perform so that was a bonus right there.

On Saturday, we ventured down to the new shopping center to see the hype over Bloomies.   We lined up for three blocks waiting to get into the parking garage.  And right before we were going to turn in, this huge SUV tried to cut in.  I flipped them off, honking like a mad woman.  Get in line, buddy!  Hee.  I generally have a good handle on road rage, but after waiting all those blocks I wasn't going to put up with anything.  

Good gawd, that mall is big!  Consume, consume, consume.  There was so much stimilus all around, I felt dizzy unless I focused on one counter at a time.  And the food court is amazing!  Mmmmmm...  There's even a Bristol Farms market, which I don't really get but maybe it's convenient for people that work around Union Square.  We ended up shopping for four hours, and probalby could have gone longer but our eyes started to glaze over.

Saturday night, we dropped by henrylyne  birthday party at Soluna.  It was a very cute venue, perfect for mingling with lots of friends.  I had to leave early but Henry looked very red and happy, so he probably couldn't have done more shots with me anyways.  ;)

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