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Voila c'est masterpiece!

Eh, not quite.  Though surprisingly after just a few classes, my painting is looking ok.  I have to add letters to the can, put a face on the pig, and make the filter cap not look like a fruit.  Looks like a pomegranate doesn't it?  Some of the shading needs to be redone too.  

Oil painting while very flexible, is a lot harder to perfect than acrylic painting.  But according to my teacher, "This is how the masters started out.  So you too should learn in the ways of the old world!"  He's a great teacher; speaks a little bit like the soft voiced, afro guy that used to paint on KQED every Saturday morning.  Do you remember him?  He used to paint trees, mountains, and clouds perfectly with a palette knife and fan brush.  And every week, it'd be the same thing but with different scenery. Sometimes there was bird, sometimes a path through the woods, sometimes a lake with moss climbing up the trees...  

"Oh there's a little fox!  Let's add a some burnt umber to our titanium white and make him jump!  Look at that...isn't that nice?"

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