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April 20th, 2007

80s music Friday

Looking at all my picks for this meme, you can probably tell that the 80s were a time that I enjoyed wearing a lot of black, doc martins, and headbands. Oh and I danced in circles a lot. The dog scenes in this video are really action packed.

~/Lost in the high street, where the dogs run. Roaming suburban boys../~

i was promised shots for my LJ-versary...

...but all i got was this lousy cupcake. thanks henrylyne. ;)

ready, set, go bonsai

After picking up traveler checks at lunchtime, I am 'officially' excited for the trip. I started packing last night and so far I have lots of underwear, one outfit (for the clubs...of course), a pair of shoes, and six packs of pocket tissues. :/

My roommate asked this morning, "Is that really the only suitcase that you're bringing??"


"Is it hot there?" he said with his mouth ajar.

"No, it's cold. Yes, stop looking at me like that. That's all I get to bring according to Nick." I said with a frown.

"Um...what about Nick?"

"He's bringing a large backpack."