February 6th, 2007

bee stung

how long is too long?

I finally uploaded pictures from the Six Apart holiday party. Yes, about two weeks too late. :/ I wanted to post earlier about how nice the party was, all the good food, the fun photo booth and open bar, etc. But the moment came and went. Lately it seems the only time I feel like writing is while I'm driving, in the shower, cooking, or doing something where I'm not by the computer. And by the time I sit down in front the computer, bleh...all gone.

That was also the week that Support was in the office, so I got to meet coffeechica, ferrell, and arie in person for the first time! It was really nice to put faces to the voices, if not kind of weird initially. ferrell kind held me at arms length when I went in to hug him, I think he was a little surprised at my enthusiasm.

"OMGZ, the Support team! I Love You!"