December 15th, 2006

donuts = love

A Year of I Do's

My friends Rachel and David were married this weekend at Yank Sing restaurant. Together for nine years, with three houses, one business, and many giant piranhas swimming in their dining room fish tank, it was about time they tied the knot.

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They were married beneath glass ceilings and cloudy skies, surrounded by over 400 close friends and family. :P Their wedding was definitely the nicest out of the ones that I’ve attended at Rincon Center. Though I’m never convinced as to why people want to get married there. It costs an arm and a leg to thrown a reception at Yank Sing. Seriously, their entire wedding was a down payment on a house (that’s a house in the Bay Area…not Arizona or Texas). Overall though, a lovely wedding. It was short and sweet, as the festivities ended promptly at 10:30pm. And the afterparty continued on in their wedding suite, which had amazing views overlooking the Embarcadero.

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