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July 28th, 2006

Famous Logos, Web 2.0

John Batelle posted about  this site where folks are busy "Web 2'ing" corporate logos.  I love the Quaker Oats.  Hilarious.  There are a ton of goodies to see, but the site can be slow.



Don't mean to alarm you but...

We were sitting in the Haunted Mansion, the most un-conference room out of all the rooms. Shelby was running about, and I was vaguely listening to mjschwartz and conversation.  I glanced up and winniewong is staring intently at my head from across the room.  

"Flip your hair." She said, eyes glued to the top of my head.

"What?"  I stopped typing, wondering if maybe I heard her wrong.

She motions at her bangs.  "Flip.  Just flip."

Odd.  Flat hair?  Maybe.  Piece of hair sticking up.  Possibly.   But does it really look that bad that...eh, whatever.  So I flipped the left section of my bangs over.

"Heh.  Just a itty witty spider."  She squeezed with her fingers.  "Tiny."

Ok, ok I didn't scream.  But I wanted to.