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Who's Anatomy?

"I totally got hooked. You'll love it.... I know you will!!  It's Sex & the City meets E.R." Cindy exclaimed, beaming brightly as she handed over Grey's Anatomy: Season One.

It's E.R. meets something, alright.  Not bad, but the characters don't feel fully thought out.  The lead actress also has this slight lisp, which she hides well, but it drives me up the wall to watch her speak.  Then again I am kind of biased - Sex & the City was the only show that I ever watched religiously from start to finish.  Well, that and Seinfeld of course.  

Ok,Ok... once in awhile, I'll recite lines from South Park too.  I like Cartman and his devious ways. Did you see the episode where they were hunting for Manbearpig and became trapped in a mine by Al Gore?  Cartman stuffed himself full of lost treasure, only to find out it was fake after he crapped it out in front of the rescue team.  Hilarious. 

Anyways, back to Carrie Bradshaw.  I hold those series close to my heart.  Yes, makes you kind of gag doesn't it?  It was definitely one of those shows that pulled friends together.  Every week we'd do a potluck, drink beer, and play cards while watching the four ladies have sex all over Manhattan.  No one does that anymore because 1) we now have our own sex lives, and 2) no more than two people can ever agree on watching the same thing.  When the show came to an end, I went out and bought every season on dvd.   It's been by my side ever since.  

I watched it religiously during my six month dry spell (the Mojave desert as I called it), while I did the rain dance in my bedroom.  It was on repeat every night for two months after Mr. Loftboy broke my heart, just three days before my birthday.  I'd watch seasons 1-3 during every major product launch at LS, and dream of a life where I could buy forty pairs of Manolo Blahniks on struggling writer's salary.   And even after I met Nick, I had season four playing in the background before every date until I was sure he wasn't going to be a Mr. Big.

But that's not to say Grey's Anatomy isn't good...  It's just not Sex & the City.
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