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Where We Were...

How I love long weekends where I'm put to work.  Ok, ok it wasn't that bad.  Not as bad as helping friends move or doing back breaking work in the yard.  But not particularly relaxing either because of all the running around I had to do.  Friday, there was rehearsal dinner for Shirley and Alvin in Redwood City.  Saturday, I went to an engagement party in Sonoma for another couple.  Sunday morning I went downtown, skipping breakfast and then lunch to find shoes for the dress.  Sunday afternoon, I helped setup the ballroom back in Redwood City, including the wonderful task of inserting individual name tags between the folds of little favor boxes.  

And then after the ceremony, I was gift table watcher / guestbook table hostess / temporary usher while groomsmen were outside smoking.

Check us out with the guestbook.  Exciting!

The cutest flower girl ever. 

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