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when life drops you lemons, spit them out

I keep a running list of 'must try' restaurants ranked by stars.  Five stars being the most expensive and one star being an establishment like Taqueria Cancun.  I aim to cross out several every few months.  It's a reading list for my tummy.   A delicious, and generally easy-to-please reading list.  Once in awhile though, I'll find a bad lemon.  

Recently I took Mirabelle and Ada to Town Hall.  It's our monthly thing - that's been every other month at best with Ada's student budget.   The restaurant itself was very nice.  The decor casual with rich touches like exposed-brick walls, large picture windows, and modern art portraits.  They even tuck the checks inside first edition books.  Very charming.  

Too bad the food failed so miserably! The barbeque shrimp was salty , the butter lettuce salad had too much dressing, the cornbread was dry, the grilled chicken breast..dry dry dry, and the Niman Ranch steak...bloody and chewy.   

I hate spending over $100 at a place if the main entrees completely bombs.  It was so bad, we didn't even try the desserts. 

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