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I Love the 80s

Gallery 1988 hosted an 'I am 8Bit' artshow last month.  I saw it on Spike TV's Game Head, which covered the event and interviewed several of the artists.   If only I had known earlier, I would have flown down to LA for this.  It would have been a good excuse for a mini vacation in the sun.  LA is one of those places that really isn't fun to visit unless you have a purpose...friends, concerts, theater, etc...otherwise you're just left to shopping and driving around for hours in traffic.

The artwork is pretty cool, though not cheap for some of the larger pieces.  I especially adore the Zelda, PacMan and Dig Dug pieces.    But my favorite has to be the 'Last Supper' painting - I love that it's Donkey Kong - which I believe has been sold already. would have gone well in the SOMA loft that I don't have yet.  ;)
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