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Take No Prisoners!

My thighs are so sore.  Apparently running on the treadmill is nothing compared to sprinting in Golden Gate park for a few hours.  On Saturday, Nick and I celebrated Jackie's birthday with a BBQ and several games of Capture the Flag.  Yes, Capture the Flag!  We played over in the Panhandle, where it was foggy and freezing cold.  Summers in SF, gotta love it.  But we warmed up quickly once the games started.  I wish I had taken pictures.  Everyone looked ridiculous in their teal and pink bandanas (the team colors). 

I had a good time.  Way more fun than when I was a kid, probably because I can actually run far now.  For the finale game, we tied the flags on pinatas (a giant chicken and a soccer kid) and had to run them back across the boundary line.  I think we should continue doing this for all birthdays over 30...or at least until we're not able able to tackle without injuries anymore. 

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