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I am saved from the chair...

No new cavities.  My dentist confirmed that my teeth have just been aggravated by the braces.  Thank goodness it wasn't a horrible infection in need of a root canal.  Yay, to no drilling.  She filed down a few molars that were causing the most pain and voila!  C'est tres bien.  Then I made a trip to my orthodontist and had my wiring redone.  Why spread out the torture when you can do it all in one day - that's my motto.  I was in a bit of pain, especially when they did that tightening, twisting thing with the pliers.  

All is better today after my dose of 600mg of Ibuprofen.  My gums are still sore but at least I can eat!  

Oh, and I could be done with this torture device called braces by the end of the year.  I'm thrilled.

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