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Mama always said no to candy...

The right side of jaw is throbbing.  It started a few weeks ago, and I figured it was from grinding my teeth in my sleep.  You know - stress and grinding - they go hand in hand.  Now it's happening more often and I'm worried I have another cavity.  I already have one on my left side that I need to address.  This week, I'm headed to the orthodontist so they can remove the back bracket and wiring from my braces.  Then I need to wait for my insurance to approve the work before I can go get it fixed through my regular dentist.  

I hate my regular dental office.  I'd switch if I actually had the time to find someone else.  I called them today to ask how my x-rays from last time went.  The receptionist said the dentist would need to review it before getting back to me.  I came in over a month ago and this is the second time I've called.  Don't they just put the exposures up to the light and say - here, there, yes, no?
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