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When to say when...

Yesterday Nick, Ted and I went down to Zeitgeist for some afternoon drinking in the sun. It's a fun spot - casual, lot's of people watching, delicious greasy burgers, and a choice of pints of margaritas or pitchers of beer. I always manage to leave drunk, smelling like bbq, and red from too much sun.

We found empty seats right away which is a rare thing.  But we figured out quickly why no one wanted to sit there. This two year old boy was standing on the table next to us flinging ashtrays into the crowd. The mother was lying down on the bench and seemingly strung out.  She sat up for a moment to look at us, muttered some slurred speech and went back down.  The father was sitting across the way with his head in his arms, apparently passed out on the table. The guys next to us said he had been like that for the last hour, and the little boy had been entertaining himself.  Everyone around them had been watching the kid to make sure he didn't walk off the table.

Disturbing to say the least. The father woke up and started making weak attempts to hold the little boy down. We moved quickly to another table as the kid tossed a beer bottle at a passerby.  Though I wanted to do something, i didn't do anything.  Nick said getting involved wouldn't have fixed the real problem.  Maybe so, maybe not.
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