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Cream of the crop. And we ain't kidding sista!

Eight of us celebrated Ada's birthday at Asia SF last night.  Check out Ada with her ice cream cones!  I look like I'm about to grab that dish from her.

Years ago, I went there for a bachelorette party and remembered the performers (ehem, 'gender illusionists') weren't very good looking.  

Yes, that was our first thought as well...  

But the venue has grown in popularity and the girls overall are much prettier now.  All the performers there are post-op, which was very apparent when some of them stripped down to their bikinis.  Makes you want to hit the gym when you're surrounded by trannies with better bodies than your own.


Naya was everyone's favorite performer.  

In the dim lighting, she was pretty hot.  But looking at the pics now...well, she kinda still looks like a boy. 

The show was entertaining but I'll never go back there again.  The food was mediocre and pricey.  The drinks were pricey.  They only turned on the a/c when the dancers are performing.  Uh, yea.  It was hot as hell in there.  The service was spotty.  You don't even get to see the better performers until 11pm, so you end up ordering round after round of $10 drinks while waiting.  And when our bill came, they had tacked on a bottle of champagne and two other menu items that we didn't order.  Grrr..

Grand total for a night of watered down drinks, subpar cal-asian cuisine, and amateur bar dancing?  $

We made sure to have fun at the next place though. Look at how exhausted I am  Oh, wait...I'm just drunk.  :P


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