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Oh how I love thee, let me not count the ways...

What is it about powerpoint that makes you want to rip out your hair and run down the halls screaming bloody murder?  And why is it that the only people to ever enjoy powerpoint slides are VPs and CEOs?  Is that the only way I'll ever move up into management?  Oh woe is me.

Only 15 more slides to update.  I'm almost there!  Woo!

Someone shoot me.


Work has been humming along.  I feel productive if not totally stressed out.  I'm back at the gym after a two month hiatus to work off some of this stress.  Schoen, my previous manager, was impervious to stress.  He would just laugh at me when I ran around wringing my hands.  And when you're boss is laughing at you...well...well, you just feel silly after that.  Miss a deadline, miss a requirement, find a bug, find ten bugs.  Life goes on.

Hah, for you!!  But what about me???

My livelihood rests on solid products, bugfree launches, and color-coded excel schedules.  

Okay, okay...and shoes.

Alright, I sound crazy.  I need to go home and watch MTV.  ...oooo, mindless TV, sounds delicious.

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