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Don't mean to alarm you but...

We were sitting in the Haunted Mansion, the most un-conference room out of all the rooms. Shelby was running about, and I was vaguely listening to mjschwartz and conversation.  I glanced up and winniewong is staring intently at my head from across the room.  

"Flip your hair." She said, eyes glued to the top of my head.

"What?"  I stopped typing, wondering if maybe I heard her wrong.

She motions at her bangs.  "Flip.  Just flip."

Odd.  Flat hair?  Maybe.  Piece of hair sticking up.  Possibly.   But does it really look that bad, whatever.  So I flipped the left section of my bangs over.

"Heh.  Just a itty witty spider."  She squeezed with her fingers.  "Tiny."

Ok, ok I didn't scream.  But I wanted to.
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