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It doesn't take skill, just have another beer...

I went to kickball at Golden Gate Park yesterday.  The nice weather brought many people out.  There were over thirty players on each team.  Too make it easier to score and harder to catch, we were forced to play with beer in hand.  Like baseball, there are innings and outs.  Unlike baseball, the balls are much bigger and there is no swinging.

Nick and Jackie always talked about how fun it was.  They've been going for the last two years, rain or shine.   I've been skeptical despite seeing the pictures of goofy outfits and odd stretching excercises.  Think people in 80s headbands, jogging shorts and knee high socks, doing yoga moves.  Coming to watch is sheer entertainment in itself. 

And by not participating, you avoid those childhood fears of being the last player picked and falling on your ass kicking the ball.  But on Sunday, mostly everyone was drunk and non-competitive (minus the good natured heckling).  The really good players were actually the girls, who couldn't loft the ball and instead did line drives down the bases. 

Our team, Fire Crotch, won 8 to 1.  Woo!

Here's a video from last season:

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