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We'll all die in this hot, burning inferno fire...

It's hot as balls.  I don't know if balls ever get this hot or sweaty.  But it seems to be an appropriate comparison considering the heat wave that we are in.  All I want to do is hide out at the movie theater, where the air-co is free and ice cream is close by. 

Nick and I just came back from the beach.  It was at least ten degrees cooler and the ocean was icy cold.  Ah, my toes were very happy.  We watched dogs chasing tennis balls, collected rocks, and drew pictures in the sand.  Apparently I'm the gifted artist between the two of us.  On the way back to the car, we stopped off at a little girl's lemonade stand.  It was the cutest setup with mini plastic benches, whole lemons in jars, and a shady umbrella.  Too bad she wasn't selling hot dogs too.  A hot link would have been d-e-l-i-c-i-o-us with the lemonade.  A nice end to the afternoon despite my congestion and runny nose.  Bleh.  

Now we're back in the Mission, and it's hot as balls again.

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