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Pink Christmas trees. Kids offering free gift wrapping. And Sponge Bob ornaments. I want to die.

when your public life is very public

Looking over ydnar shoulder this morning while reviewing bugs, we found that my LinkedIn profile is the #2 link on Google when searching by my full name. And the #1 link? It's linked to me as well on the LiveJournal staff page. Considering the number of Kimmie Nguyen's out there in America, I'm feeling rather special. A search on 'kimmie n.' brought up my profile on Yelp as the #1 link. Good thing I've never written anything online that would tarnish my professional life. At least not anything that was public. ;)


Purchased the last Hello Kitty ornament in the store today. Oh such sweet satisfaction.

3D is super awesome

Nick and I went to see Beowulf in digital 3D at the Metreon on Sunday. It's not really my kind of movie but I wanted to check out the latest in 3D technology. Ok, really I just wanted to see if the glasses were different from when I was eight years old. And they were! Look how cool we look...and how I don't have a nose. Seeing the previews in 3D is a little dizzying but the movie itself wasn't too bad.

Saw an old coworker tonite and apparently I'm not reading my friends page enough. Oh the shame. Congrats WW.